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At DeWalt, Chawla + Saksena, LLC, we take the time to listen to your story in order to understand what is really important to you.


Choosing to begin, change, or end a family arrangement is one of the most significant decisions of your life. We believe that family law requires a distinctly different approach than many other areas of law. We place a premium upon practical problem-solving and skilled negotiation over the unduly adversarial methods that can all too often heighten and prolong conflict.


In addition to traditional representation, we provide alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services for those families who engage us to work as a family law neutral. Our ADR practice includes mediation, early neutral evaluation, and parenting-time expediting services.







Our attorneys are experienced and approachable. With close to four decades of combined experience, we bring significant expertise to our work with each client.


Members of our law firm have collectively amassed an impressive record of professional achievement.  We have been recognized by our peers for our legal skills, community service and professional leadership.  We care about our clients and practice law with integrity.


Difficult times require expert assistance. Whether we are retained as legal counsel or engaged to serve as a neutral, we will work hard to help you fully resolve your family law matter. For more information about our attorneys, please view the individual attorney profiles for Melissa Chawla, Jack DeWalt, and Marian Saksena.

We help people successfully resolve their cases by using principled negotiation techniques and/or the effective use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) tools, such as mediation. We also fully recognize that some matters require court action. Regardless of the approach taken, we will handle your case with the utmost care and professionalism - always aware we may be altering the path of people's lives by the way in which we represent our clients.


We believe it is our duty to draw upon our practical experiences to give you practical and plain-spoken advice.  We find that the better informed our clients are about their legal options, the better equipped we are to effectively represent their interests and views.


We will keep you informed about your case status, consult with you before making any significant decisions related to your case, and secure your consent prior to reaching any settlement. 


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