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Legal teamwork matters. Our lawyers have worked together for many years, and we enjoy a genuine camaraderie with one another. As a result, we benefit from being able to consult with one another and draw upon each other’s particular strengths. This synergy and collaboration in turn benefits our clients. Our attorney profiles provide you with information regarding each individual's background and qualifications. You can view detailed profiles by clicking on an attorney's name on our website at:
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Melissa Chawla


Melissa began her family law career as a judicial law clerk in family court, where she was inspired to advocate for individuals and families whose lives are impacted within the courtroom on a daily basis. In her law practice, Melissa is a problem-solver, bringing a calm and reasoned approach to resolving matters outside of court, whether the issues are child-related, financial, or otherwise. When litigation is necessary, Melissa's goal is to handle the case as efficiently as possible.

family law attorney lawyer
Jack DeWalt


Jack is a strong proponent of equal access to our civil justice system. After graduating from law school, Jack worked as a Legal Aid attorney in central Minnesota for five years before transitioning to private practice. Jack's practical approach to the law is shaped by each client's particular goals—consistently garnering him high marks in client satisfaction and positive case outcomes. He is a seasoned litigator and appellate attorney with special expertise in tribal court matters.

family law attorney lawyer
Marian Saksena

With cross-training in law and social work, Marian brings a unique set of skills to her family and child protection practice. Prior to entering private practice, Marian worked as a staff attorney for Children's Law Center of Minnesota. Marian remains committed to promoting child well-being as she advises and advocates for her clients. She is also a qualified neutral under Rule 114, serving as a parenting time expeditor, mediator, early neutral evaluator, and parenting consultant.

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